Council, staff should protect trees, remains


Political participation should be empowering and not frustrating. Process ought to be transparent and not grounded in arrogance, deceit, and deception.

I am writing this Letter to the Editor to state that the revision process of the San Marcos, Texas Land Development Code (LDC), which guides development on a myriad of levels in our community from the environment to neighborhood integrity, has been a dismal failure. As a member of the press and public that has filed for open records, written letters to the editor, produced video blogs, emailed letters to the City Council and CoSM staff, attended sit downs with CoSM staff, technical meeting workshops, open houses, I am very disenchanted by the final draft. Not only do I attend these venues but encourage our community via social media and interpersonal conversations to participate.

CoSM has gone to great lengths to purport optics via public input. Truth of the matter, actual ideas the public submits never hit the final draft.

Saddened in lack of heritage tree protection. Remember the old punk rock song “all I wanted was a Pepsi and she wouldn’t give it to me” well “all I want is a tree board and the Code SMTX Think Tank won’t give it to me.” A tree board would protect heritage trees. And my fear is by the next LDC process of public engagement we will have few of these trees to respect and enjoy.

Dismayed by the deficiency in oversight of Native American human remains and artifacts. Now two burial grounds have been impacted:  Cape’s Camp and the site for new grocery story on Hunter. There are other sites where medallions in the ground serve as markers of human remains of Native American and then poof, suddenly they are gone, and we get a strip mall. The first inhabitant’s treasures (arrowheads, pottery,) are being desecrated each and every day in San Marcos. Human remains are given such no care, love, and respect. I want to understand why Texas State students are not conducting excavations on these private developments for good optics for all in this community, not to mention this is the “right” thing to do for all religions involved.

Disappointed Mayor is unaware of “effluent fees” are as exemplified Questions from the Press and Public on Monday. It is interesting to note the coversheet provided to the public was not congruent with the posted agenda as other attendees may have been unaware could speak at the end of the meeting on public record.

In the new code Preferred Scenario Amendments and Conditional Use Permits go away. Why was H-E-B PSA and Gumby’s CUP rushed thru during the code process? Citizens’ concerns at public hearings are ignored and clearly as they relate to the code they are disregarded. City staff did not have data number of children that attend the two schools near proposed Gumby’s for the first Planning and Zoning meeting and as recent as this past Friday at the Packet Meeting Planning did not have any idea where the buffer zones for the Historic District are located.


Lisa Marie Coppoletta

San Marcos

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