Holding some of the food items are Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary Student Council members Bryan Martinez-Otero, Jewlysa Guerrero, Margarita Eufemia de Leon, Ellie Hurtado, Simon Gonzales, Misty Veltkamp, Kaitlynn Cadena, Lucas Gonzales, Alazeah Cavazos and Jessica DeLeon.

Student Council members Jessica DeLeon, Kaitlynn Cadena, Alazeah Cavazos, Margarita Eufemia de Leon, Lucas Gonzales, Bryant Martinez-Otero, Misty Veltkamp and Jewlysa Guerrero stand in front of their turkey. Each feather representing 10 cans donated. PHOTOS BY CINDY MOSIER.

Student Council Members Jessica DeLeon, Kaitlynn Cadena, Alazeah Cavazos, Margarita Eufemia de Leon, Lucas Gonzales, Bryant Martinez-Otero, Misty Veltkamp, and Jewlysa Guerrero standing in front of the Turkey with each feather representing 10 cans donated from a class.

De Zavala Elementary holds food drive

The De Zavala Elementary Student Council collected over 820 cans of food for the Food Bank’s Turkeys Tackling Hunger campaign this year.

Holiday safety tips

Thanksgiving is finally here, a time when many people will travel home to visit loved ones and households will prepare a holiday feast. The American Red Cross has steps people can follow to have a safe holiday. 

“Cooking is the number one cause of home fires,” Bristel Minsker, spokesperson for the American Red Cross Serving Central Texas, said. “And thousands of people will travel over the holiday. We want people to stay safe and offer steps they can take to avoid a kitchen fire and reach their destination safely.”

Top Ten Cooking Safety Tips

Gasoline prices down this week

COPPELL, Texas (AP) — Retail gasoline prices in Texas and nationwide have declined during the usually busy Thanksgiving holiday travel week.

AAA Texas on Tuesday reported the average price at the pump statewide was down a nickel to settle at $1.92 per gallon. The national average slipped 3 cents to reach $2.13 per gallon.

The association survey found that Amarillo has the cheapest gasoline in Texas this week at an average $1.79 per gallon. Drivers in El Paso have the most expensive gasoline statewide at $1.94 per gallon.

US airlines expect Thanksgiving travel to rise 2.5 percent

By The Associated Press

The nation's leading airlines are confident they can handle higher Thanksgiving travel this year partly because more people have signed up for quick-screening programs that are designed to keep airport security lines moving.

An airline trade group said Wednesday that about 27.3 million people will fly on U.S. airlines over a 12-day period that starts Nov. 18 and ends the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. That's up 2.5 percent from last year.

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