‘Santa’ replaces laptops stolen from food bank

As most of you know, Hays County Food Bank (HCFB) recently had a visit from a Grinch-y character. Laptops and other computer equipment that we use to run secure client and food distribution software was stolen. While this did not keep people in need from receiving food, it did slow down the process considerably. We had to use pen and paper, which leads to a higher risk of information being misplaced and/or lost in transit.

Is it Christian to want Dylann Roof dead?

John A. Micek - Syndicated Columnist
If there was ever a case custom-made for the death penalty, it’s that of Dylann Roof, the self-described white supremacist who was convicted Thursday of 33 federal hate crimes counts for the senseless murders at a South Carolina church last year.
On one level, it’s only logical to want to stick a needle into the arm of Roof, who sat calmly among a group of parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., before he indiscriminately sprayed gunfire that claimed the lives nine people, all of them black.

Rep. Lamar Smith and climate change


The majority and some of the deepest discussions and debates on Climate Change take place in Congressman Lamar Smith’s Space, Science and Technology Committee. Critics say this forum gives too much time to those in denial, too much time to experts funded by entities benefiting financially from business as usual, and too much weight to questionable science.


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