Leftists’ heads explode in response to Trump keeping America safe

Susan Stamper Brown - Syndicated Columnist
Given the daily liberal head explosions occurring because of President Trump’s immigration policies, one might think Trump demolished the Statue of Liberty, or worse, reintroduced school prayer, when all he did is take executive action on January 27 to protect Americans.

Continuing our digital journey

Don Moore - Publisher
If you’re reading this, it could be because a digital copy of today’s San Marcos Daily Record mysteriously showed up in your email this morning. If that’s the case, you are the person we’re trying to reach. Today’s “email blast” is a first for the Record as a means of reaching people interested in what is happening in San Marcos.
Twenty five thousand emails were sent out today introducing the digital version of the Record in our most technological attempt yet to reach more San Martians who we believe are potential readers.


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