Sounds similar to Sanctuary Lofts

Dear Francis Serna,

It has come to my attention that the “Lindsey Hill Project” is being considered as a possible choice for the property currently occupied by the Lamar Middle School. As I understand it, scant written information is available at this time, but I have been briefed by family members who attended a neighborhood meeting last night regarding this project. From what they described, the proposed project sounds similar to the monstrosity that sits where the First Baptist Church used to be, i.e. Sanctuary Lofts, and if such is the case, I am utterly opposed to it.

Although I no longer live in San Marcos, I grew up there and consider it my home town. Friends and family still live in and around the nearby historic district, and I visit my childhood neighborhood on a regular basis. It is true that the old school building has become dilapidated and would serve the people of San Marcos best if it were renovated or replaced by something else, but a multi-story apartment complex and parking garage are NOT what a quiet neighborhood needs. Already the streets of San Marcos are congested, and unbridled, galloping growth will serve no one in the community long term.

There is a need for smart growth in Texas communities, San Marcos included. Too many times I have seen the interests of a few take precedence over the many, and the Lindsey Hill Project as I understand it would be no different. The neighborhoods of San Marcos need parks, places of reflection and refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They do not need more traffic, nor rowdy students who will leave San Marcos after they finish university. It seems to me that a green space, community center, or museum would serve the entire community better than yet another profit-driven multi-plex.

I await more information about this project and urge city officials to carefully consider the repurposing of the Lamar Middle School property.


Kind regards,

Kristen D. Kline


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