Pushing a closed Montana primary is only a first step


Every year it’s some other voting nonsense perpetrated by either Republicans or Democrats to manipulate the process.  This year’s effort puts the “pug” in Repuglicans.

The politics in voting itself needs to stop.

So right before the Open Montana Primary the Repuglicans want to close the Primary so Ted Cruz has a better chance to win with only GOP voting in it.

It’s obnoxious, petty, vindictive, bureaucratic, manipulative and wrong.  If it’s been an open primary for all these years, cry in your collective beers Repuglicans.

If the court permits the Closed Primary in Montana, GOP will try to do the same in other states.  Trump is the only candidate who gets votes from GOP, Democrats and Independents, et. al.

If Trump creates so much fear and animosity it underscores why voters should choose Trump.  He’s doing something right!


Peter Stern


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