Project will definitely add significantly more traffic

San Marcos City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission,


First of all, thank you for your service and for your decision to remove what’s left of Cape’s Dam.

We are writing out of our concerns about the Lindsey Hill Project.

We attended the first neighborhood meeting on February 29 with the developers of this project and were pleased with their friendly efforts to explain their vision onsite and to answer questions.

After a lengthy session that evening, we left feeling that the developers were more interested in explaining their vision than in receiving real input from the neighborhood.

Among the strengths of the project are: providing enclosed parking; preserving trees; providing a public green space area; appealing by design to attract more permanent residents; and by seeking to be compatible with our historic neighborhood.

Among our main concerns are: the size of the project will definitely add significantly more traffic to an area that is already overwhelmed with cars and trucks - the developers indicated that they want to encourage a lot of traffic on IH-35 that passes by San Marcos daily to come to Lindsey Hill; the five-story apartment section, commercial strip, 300+ parking garage and a 120 room “boutique” hotel are unacceptable as a gateway into our historic district – likely having a domino effect on other development in the district; and finally, the negative impact of this project, when combined with the already existing problems nearby with Sanctuary Lofts and Zelicks, is exponential.

We appreciate the efforts of the city to address some of our issues with the current Hopkins Street Redevelopment Project that is now in the planning stage. Real input from our neighborhood has been sought by our city and is being incorporated into the design. This project, when completed, should be a significant help, especially for those of us living on Hopkins Street. But much more will need to be done to handle present as well as future quality of life concerns in all San Marcos neighborhoods.

We request your continued thoughtful and careful consideration of the Lindsey Hill project in a effective and comprehensive manner. We will be open to continuing the conversation with the developers this Monday as we seek common ground on this important matter. We regret that we will not be able to attend the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting this Tuesday at 6 p.m., but hope our views will be seriously considered.

Thank you.



Karl & Karen Brown

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