Hospice Care Addresses Physical and Emotional Comfort

Hospice care is really about providing comfort and peace in the final stage of a person’s life. At CTMC Hospice Care, we address physical and emotional comfort through a team of caregivers. We care for the patient where they live, whether it be an assisted living facility or in their home.

Physical comfort is addressed by our hospice doctor, nurse case managers, hospice aids and massage therapists. Our social worker, chaplain, grief counselor and hospice volunteers help ensure the social, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient are met. The benefit of hospice care reaches the whole family we try to wrap the whole family in our support because there are several loved ones who are affected by what the patient is going through. It’s not uncommon for our patients to say that our staff are kind of like family for them because they are providing support for what is usually a very difficult time in their lives.

Jackie Duran, LMSW

CTMC Hospice Care

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