Answers to Go with Susan Smith: Reading ECGs, The key to your heart

Susan Smith - Daily Record Columnist

Q: I have to take a medical re-certification test.  I want to review how to interpret ECGs.  Can you find me an explanation that includes typical read-outs for a variety of cardiac problems?

A: Yes.  I found explanations of ECG read-outs in an American Heart Association book, “Advanced Cardiac Life Support.” The person preparing for re-certification was quite pleased with the information offered.

The Journey Continues

"Brother" jim Lanning -  Daily Record Columnist

For whatever reason, my journey this week took me to the subject of being afraid. The New Testament alone has over 100 citations on the subject of fear.

My brother, Lee, experienced the following life event: It occurred at the US Army Infantry Airborne School at Ft Benning, Georgia while training to be a paratrooper. On his maiden jump from an airplane, the exit door was opened and the order was given ‘“prepare to jump.” 

The Preceptor Kappa Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met at the Salt Grass Restaurant on Jan. 23. The historic building was an appropriate setting for the group which has met continuously since the 1970s. All members were present. Pictured from left to right are Kay Posey, Kay Tilton, Sue Rogers, Carole McMillan, Diane Cliett, Patsy Greiner, Sharon Kurtz, Margie Harmon, Evelyn Barrett, Shirley Harris and Pam White. PHOTO COURTESY OF PATSY GREINER.

Lesser goldfinches are most popular in the southwest region of the United States. PHOTO BY BRIAN SMALL.

Exploring Nature: Lesser goldfinches

Jerry Hall - Daily Record Columnist

It was a recent winter day with unseasonably warm temperatures and I looked out at my backyard birdbath to see if it needed filling.

I saw two birds splashing and bathing, preening and hopping around. A male and female lesser goldfinch.

These were my first goldfinches of the season and it was a treat to watch them frolic in the birdbath. All too soon, they flew away.

The male was the eastern “black-backed” form and featured a glossy black above and yellow below. The female had a greenish back and light yellow underparts.

From left, are (back row) Cade Dailey, Noah Leal, Larry Mello, Kilyns Hubbard, Mila Sparks, Melanie Wright, Adelie Gibson and teacher Naseem Kaikhah-Tanksley. In bottom row, left to right, Dorian Rodriguez, Daivin Gutierrez, Emelyn Gomez, Claire Nam and Camila Villarreal. 

Wonderland School celebrates 100th day

Naseem Kaikhah-Tanksley's kindergarten class at Wonderland School recently celebrated their 100th day of school with art and learning activities involving the number 100. 


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